Friday, 30 September 2011

365 vegetarian days

To honor this day, I want to feature the work of a great vegetarian cook & photographer.

Chelsea's Butternut Squash & Potato Soup
My friend Chelsea James has an amazing talent for both cooking and having the self-discipline to cook something healthy & delicious for 365 days!  For 144 days so far, she’s been putting together restaurant-quality meals at home that make my mouth water…like right now, when I just saw her photo of  a cheesy Caprese Sandwhich.  She says it’s a great option when you’re in a hurry.
In her own words, Chelsea’s project aims to recreate the concept of vegetarian food in the eyes of the public:
Creamy Avocado Shells!
“I hope this project comes off as worthy, insofar as I’m trying to consistently cook at home (with local produce and ingredients when possible). Furthermore, I hope this album inspires vegetarians and proves something to the public about the vegetarian diet: it’s not all bland salad and soggy croutons. This can also be perceived as an invitation for meat eaters to reduce their consumption of meat/animal products (or to at least seek out sustainable and local animal products).”
Chelsea's DIY Solar Cooker Meal
As if this weren’t enough, she cooks with the sun too!!! She built a Kyoto box solar cooker (see photo) to cook some fresh veggies!
Find all of Chelsea’s photos and start trying some novel foods yourself at her Facebook album!

By Amanda

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